Linie pakujące - dystrybucja i serwis

Appliances and household devices


Appliances are usually products of high value, therefore both risk of theft and loss resulting from damage of the load are relatively large.

Recommended packaging solution, which offers 100% 5-sided protection from water and contaminants, is stretch hood technology. Applying monolithic hood on the load, instead of wrapping it with multiple layers of film, gains popularity in Poland and around the world. Our machines, produced by Lachenmeier Aps, work today in several dozens production sites in our country.

Stretch hood technology is much more efficient than conventional wrapping: it offers better load stability and often lower cost of covering a load with film. The visual aspect should also be mentioned - stretch hood improves the appearance of the pallet and product marketabilty. 

Stretch hood also provides better protection against theft. The load is tightly covered with film and it is hardly possible to pull the product out and leaving no sign of it.


Recommended solutions: