Linie pakujące - dystrybucja i serwis

Food and Beverages


In our comprehensive offer you can find a wide range of filling machines (bag filling units, FFS, fluids packaging machines), closing machines and labellers designed for food industry. We have the equipment grouping products in packs, on trays or in cartons. Our palletizers are perfect for stacking almost every kind of load on pallets.

In order to protect the load, we recommend use of stretch hood machines, which not only perfectly secure and stabilize the product on the pallet, but also bring measurable economic benefits.

We also offer machines that use Chemical Images Technology (CIT) in the near infrared, which can be successfully used for scanning, monitoring, classifying and sorting products such as potatoes, dried mushrooms, dried fruits, frozen fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc. This solution involves creation of images of products based on their chemical structure, which allows, among others, to visualize defects invisible to the naked eye, to evaluate product quality or detect foreign matter in the product stream.


water and beverages


• bottles filling machines
• capping machines
• labelling machines
• handle applicators
• leak testers
• shrink-wrap tunnels
• wrap-around machines
• conveing systems
• palletizers
• stretch hood machines



bulk goods


• bag filling units
• vacuum packaging
• product conveyors
• palletizers
• stretch hood machines
• Chemical Image Technology (CIT)



other products


• packaging machines
• cartoning machines
• conveing systems
• palletizers
• stretch hood machines