Linie pakujące - dystrybucja i serwis

Building materials


Thanks to cooperation with leading manufacturers of industrial machinery, we are able to provide a wide range of equipment for packaging, palletizing and securing various types of construction materials.

We offer filling machinery for different type of products and containers: eg. bags (FFS systems, filling units, closing units), buckets, cans. In case of bulk products, such as cement or grout, we strongly recommend vacuum packaging.

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As for securing goods against water and dust, Lachenmeier stretch hood machines are the best solution. Plastic stretch hood applied on the load not only provides perfect 5-sided protection, but also ensures excellent stability and great visual presentation of the product. It also reduces the risk of theft.

Stretch hood technology can also bring many economic advantages in compare to stretch wrapping (saving film, energy, time).

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Lachenmeier's machines can work with various types of load: bricks, tiles, insulation materials, buckets, bags of cement and many other building materials.


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